Helen Manuputty

Carpe Diem

"Searching for the solution together gives the best result."

Helen Manuputty, secretary

Structured bon vivant

Since October 2021, Helen Manuputty has been one of the driving forces of Context's back office. As a secretary, she supports loss adjusters in editing and organising loss adjusting reports. In addition, she coordinates various activities in the organisation, such as creating and preparing claim files and processing (purchase) invoices. Helen is a positive and approachable employee who likes to help others. She adapts quickly, is open to new things and wants to contribute to the success of the office. She is result-oriented and concentrates on the common goal. This translates into a good focus towards the experts.

Career in a nutshell

Helen has over 30 years of experience in various sectors, such as the legal profession, aviation and hospitals. She also worked in consultancy. Before joining Context, she worked for 17 years for a large law firm in Amsterdam.

Nice to know

“Carpe diem” is Helen's life motto and that's how she lives her life. Helen is a bon vivant and likes to have people around her. In addition to a passion for travel, she also enjoys cooking and regularly invites friends and family to join in the fun. Helen can also be found in the yoga school, where she practices yoga and Pilates. She also enjoys walking, watching movies, eating out and reading.


​​Helen is fluent in English and German in addition to Dutch.