A reliable partner with all the expertise in-house

Property damage/business interruption

After a calamity, we assess the extent of the damage for the insured and insurers and we determine together with all those involved, which alternatives there are to minimise the consequences of the damage as much as possible.

Liability claims

Based on a thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances, we offer a solution that takes into account the interests of all parties involved.

Machinery breakdown and construction losses

In the event of a complex loss, we assist the insured and insurer with a focus on all damage-related, technical and business aspects.

Bodily injury claims

After an accident, you have a lot to deal with. Our colleagues at Lindesk believe that the handling of bodily injury claims can be done differently. Lindesk provides insight into relevant interests of all involved parties. Together with these parties, they find a fair outcome that justifies all identified interests and which leads to appropriate claims handling costs.

Product recall

Our experts have decades of experience in the support and handling of recalls with all possible scenarios in all industries.

Risk analysis/continuity plans

We provide complex companies and their insurers with clear insight into the business interruption risks. In addition, we draw up pragmatic business continuity plans so that companies can better prepare for possible disasters.

Cyber ​​incidents

Rapid response is necessary after a cyber incident. We know how to conduct the investigation in order to allow the company to resume business as fast as possible. We explain the measures taken related to the insured categories under the cyber policy.

Soot research

The quality and availability of soot testing almost always has consequences for the financial impact of a claim. We have developed our own methodology for soot research and analysis. Because to measure is to know.


Interlloyd bridges 200+ years of experience (in handling Cargo & Marine claims) and a continuously moving business environment.They adapt the same classic values we hold true – Integrity, Service, Excellence and Commitment – to a more and more demanding market.They provide each and every client with skilled advice in a timely, accountable and efficient manner.