Kees Heijboer

Wind in the sails

"Establishing the facts objectively and connecting people is essential in my profession."


Kees Heijboer, loss adjuster specialised in product liability and recall

The analytical connector

Kees joined Context in 2020 and is not only a specialist in product liability but also in connecting people. He deals with, among other things, product contamination, field change actions and recalls. His areas of focus are liability issues in the agricultural industry, such as damage to or by crops and animal feed, the food industry and the chemical industry. Kees also handles many cases in coatings, adhesives, plastics, printing and production companies.

Career in a nutshell

After completing his studies in Business Administration at InHolland University of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam, Kees obtained his bachelor's degree in Dutch law and master's degree in business law at the Law Faculty of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Kees brings over eight years of experience as a senior claims adjuster in Product Liability & Recall at Sedgwick (former Cunningham Lindsey). Here he was also coordinator for international liability claims for the captives of various multinationals. From 2015 to 2019, Kees was a member of the board of Young InSurance, including as chairman.

Nice to know

Kees is enterprising and social and loves networking. In his spare time he regularly sails the Dutch waters with his catamaran. When Kees is not actively engaged in water sports, you can often find him in the garden.


​​In addition to Dutch, Kees speaks fluent English and has a clear understanding of the German and Spanish language.