Michael Blonk

Multi-talented all-rounder

"Sometimes you have to go slow to go fast."

Michael Blonk, managing partner

Out-of-the-box thinker and jack-of-all-trades

Michael joined Context shortly after it was founded in 2009. As a driven and pragmatic technician, he is good at rethinking. He likes to look at things from different sides, with a lot of humour and creativity. This translates into innovative solutions for seemingly insoluble technical and procedural problems. All stakeholders benefit from this. Quality is very high on the agenda.

Michael often handles extensive and complex losses as a result of machine breakdowns of steam and gas turbines, diesel engines, compressors at utility companies and production installations. He is also an expert in property damage in industrial companies and damage to machines during transport. Michael is responsible for all technical aspects of loss adjusting assignments.

He is not only involved in root cause analyses of damages, but also with the management and control of repair costs. He is regularly appointed as a court appointed expert. In addition, he focuses on the connection across borders as chairman of Context International.

Career in a nutshell

Michael grew up on his parents' shipyard. The nautical blood flowed through his veins from a young age. After successfully completing the Nautical School in Brielle, Michael studied Business Economics at the Institute of Technology (HTS) in Dordrecht.

In the end, he chose not to pursue a career in the family business. He started his career at the Röntgen Technische Dienst in Rotterdam, where he performed tank inspections and non-destructive testing at various international companies. Michael was subsequently appointed as a consultant at Stork FDO, which he combined with damage investigation and inspection work.

At the same time, he studied NDT (Non Destructive Research) Engineer LIII at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In 1999, Michael joined Cunningham Lindsey Netherlands, where he specialised as a senior claims adjuster in technical fire, machine breakage and liability claims.

In addition to his work, Michael has always continued to study and to delve into technical issues. This resulted in a technical invention, which he also made and patented: a coupling with which form-free lightweight constructions can be built. Based on this, he started the production company Creative Constructions in 2006 with a partner. Michael is a NIVRE registered adjuster and  FUEDI-ELAE certified. Since 2016, he has been chairman of the Amsterdam Beurs Brand Sociëteit (ABBS).

Nice to know

Michael not only goes full throttle at work, he also enjoys a healthy dose of sports and competition in his spare time. For example, Michael is a racer at heart and likes to make a competition out of everything.

He got into karting as a mechanic through his son and soon found out that he also likes to brave the race track himself. He attended racing training and started long distance racing almost immediately after.

In addition, Michael is a fanatic wind and wave surfer, which is convenient since he lives at  the beach. He also likes to be in the kitchen and enjoys delicious food.


​​In addition to his native language (Dutch), Michael speaks fluent English and German.