Harry van der Wal


"Where everything seems to come together"

Harry van der Wal, business loss expert

Harry's impressive career as a financial expert manager

After studying economics and chartered accounting, Harry held leadership positions from a young age. He was audit leader at KPM Gand then financial director or CFO at several large(er) companies, including Achmea, DAS, ANWB, Rentokil and Super de Boer. He has delivered various achievements, such as integrating asset managers, introducing Solvency II, improving reporting processes and leading a reorganization with efficiency improvements.

Harry's transition to interim and self-employed

After his time at DAS, Harry decided to explore his options and look for new challenges. Within three weeks, he found a small insurer in need of financial advice. This marked the beginning of his life as an interim manager working for himself. Although Harry wanted to get away from the board table, he remained involved in the management of various companies and experienced the associated internal politics, which did not really interest him.

Harry's desire to work at RVJ and be part of the Context group

Harry was delighted to join the group of people RVJ could call on to determine damage, including business loss. This was an ideal activity for him, as it allowed him to engage with people, organizations and numbers without the associated "hassle" of internal politics. His joy became even greater when RVJ became part of the Context group, where he came into contact with experts and pleasant colleagues such as Marcel Revet and Raymond Bothof. In this company, where politics plays no role, Harry found his wish fulfilled: fun and varied work with nice colleagues.

Nice to know

Harry loves sports. In addition to running, he also plays tennis and in recent years of course also golf. Moreover, he started a career as a pianist last year. Fortunately, he also still finds time for a daughter of 13 and 2 grandchildren, as well as dinners with good friends.