Jeroen van de Mortel

Looking for the roots

"There is always a solution and we look for the right one."

Jeroen van de Mortel, loss adjuster specialising in liability and recall

Recall analyst

Jeroen has been working at Context as a loss adjuster since 2015, and is known for his strong analytical skills and his efficient approach. He specialises in liability and recall. Especially in the area of ​​food, feed, chemical products and packaging. This solution-oriented expert often works for (inter)national insurers. “Looking for solutions and always remaining independent is the challenge of my work,” says Jeroen.

Career in a nutshell

After completing the Laboratory school in Eindhoven, Jeroen obtained his master's degree in Chemistry in 2001 at the University of Nijmegen. His career started at the textile company Vlisco in Helmond, where he led a team of laboratory technicians. He was in daily contact with suppliers and was able to develop his material knowledge and sense of commercial relationships. In 2006 Jeroen became a chemical expert at GAB Robins Takkenberg BV (later Cunningham Lindsey Nederland BV) where he developed into a senior loss adjuster and international coordinator for liability claims. From 2018 till 2022, Jeroen was chairman of the board of Branch Liability-Technical Insurances / Agricultural / Monitoring Construction & Infrastructure of the Netherlands Institute of Register Experts (NIVRE). He is also a NIVRE registered adjuster and FUEDI-ELAE certified.

Nice to know

Jeroen spends his free time with his family, hiking, riding his motorbike and travelling. In addition, Jeroen can also regularly be found on the football field as a referee. But his greatest passion is music. One of his best musical memories is the music journey he made with friends through the United States to the roots of American music.


​​In addition to his native language (Dutch), Jeroen speaks fluent English and German and has a good understanding of the French language.