Raymond Bothof

Future focused

"In detail if necessary and at a high level if possible"

Raymond Bothof, business interruption expert

Accurate and result-oriented

Raymond joined Context in September 2017. He handles claims for property damage, cyber and liability policies. In addition, he is regularly asked to act as expert in cases where a dispute has arisen between several parties. During the supervision of these large and/or complex claims, it is important that insurers, brokers, insured parties and potential other parties involved are kept informed during the claims process. Raymond obviously has an eye for this.

Raymond is accurate and result-oriented. Over the years, he has acquired extensive experience in various sectors: from trade and services to manufacturing, energy and government. He was also involved in the analysis of ill-gotten gains by companies that were part of a pan-European cartel.

Career in a nutshell

Raymond started his career at Moret Ernst & Young (later EY) as an assistant accountant, while simultaneously completing the Nivra-Nyenrode training. He continued his development to become an accountant and became closely involved in an international project. He also assisted the Cape Town office for the audit of retail companies and real estate investment companies. In 2000 Raymond started as a loss adjuster at GAB Robins Takkenberg.

He continued his career at Lengkeek before joining Crawford & Company. Here he was jointly responsible as operational director and later as financial director for the Dutch and Belgian branches of this international loss adjusting company. He returned to Lengkeek where he held a management position within the property department, handling large and complex claims. Raymond is a chartered accountant (accountant-in-business) and NIVRE register expert.

“As an accountant, we look back a lot. I prefer to look at the future to offer solutions to problems,” says Raymond.

Nice to know

Raymond likes to work in and around the house, but also on his classic Fiat 500 or Vespa. Even more often than in his old-timer, you can meet him on his (racing) bike. Raymond is an avid cyclist.


He is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue) and English and has a reasonable understanding of the German and French languages.