Marcel Vervloet

Mechanical engineer

"The unpredictability makes the profession of a loss adjuster challenging. You have to play the hand you are dealt."

Marcel Vervloet, expert in the field of technical damage to machines and installations and fire damage


Marcel has been working at Context since 2020. This reliable hands-on specialist does not shy away from a challenge. As a mechanical engineer with expertise in construction technology, he quickly sees how things work. And with his years of experience, he knows how to find his way blind-folded in the most diverse installations. In addition to being a mechanical engineer, Marcel is also a trained purchaser, which makes him good at thinking ahead as well as coming up with solutions.

Career in a nutshell

After completing his mechanical engineering studies at the Institute of Technology (HTS), Marcel worked as a trainee at the dutch railways (NS). He then became an engineer at ACF Pharmacy. This was followed by a career at NEM, a supplier of waste gas boilers for power plants.

In various positions, Marcel was responsible for the execution of projects, among other things as a manufacturing and assembly supervisor of worldwide power plant projects. He eventually focused on outsourcing manufacturing and assembly work. For this he followed the purchasing training NEVI 2. From 2004 Marcel was involved as a purchasing manager with Standard Fasel, also a boiler maker, and since 2005 Marcel has been involved independently in the purchase of technical installations for power plants, (petro)chemical installations, but he also isn’t fazed by construction supervision of electrical and civil engineering installations. Due to his up-to-date knowledge of purchase processes, he has access to the latest technology and insight into current costs.

Nice to know

Marcel not only enjoys a challenge at work, but also in his spare time. He has been an avid sportsman since childhood. He has a great love for rowing and cycling. But golf is also high on his list of favourite activities.


Marcel speaks and writes English and German fluently.