Willy Berentsen


"I think in solutions"

Willy Berentsen, fire/technics/engineering

Willy's expertise in the insurance industry

Willy is a specialist in the field of electrical, high voltage and cable damage at Context B.V. With an electrotechnical background, he has a long career in the insurance industry. He started his career at Risk Consultants B.V., where he was involved in risk inspections in the field of property, product warranty and machine breakdown. After completing his training, he became a registered expert in 2000 and has been handling claims in the same industries ever since.

Willy's contribution to Delta Lloyd's Expertise Service Centre

In 2007, Risk Consultants B.V. was acquired by Delta Lloyd. Willy played an important role in Delta Lloyd's Expertise Service Centre, where, in addition to loss assessment, he was also responsible for contract and supply management. Under his leadership, significant improvements were made in terms of efficiency and uniformity of outsourced expertise and inspection work. In 2017, Delta Lloyd was acquired by Nationale-Nederlanden, and after working for the company for another year, Willy decided to continue independently.

Nice to know

In addition to his professional life, Willy is also active in his personal life. He is married and has two adult children from a previous relationship, as well as two granddaughters. In his spare time, he has several hobbies, including 14 years of service as a volunteer firefighter, remodeling four houses, traveling, playing tennis, diving, photography (under and above water), odd jobs and cycling.


Willy is fluent in Dutch (mother tongue), English and German.